readers advisory

Part Two of the Part Two - more about EarlyWord.

2. What EarlyWord resources are new discoveries for you? What do you think you will continue to use?

I was amazed, when I first started looking at EarlyWord two or three weeks ago, to discover that the publishing houses were advertising their "book buzz" Midwinter Meeting preview events on the website. Thanks to that, I was able to sign up for those events, and learned so much about what's going to be published in the next five months.

wrangling Goodreads

This week, my readers advisory training has me working with goodreads - a website I long neglected - making connections with colleagues, and recommending them new titles from books they have reported they enjoyed.

My recommendations:


This week's readers advisory training is about appeal - the aspects of a work which attract a reader:

  • Pacing
  • Characterization
  • Story Line (including the books context, type, genre, theme, and subjects)
  • Language
  • Setting
  • Detail
  • Tone
  • Learning/Experiencing

The assignment this week is to consider three works that I enjoyed with regards to their appeal.

1. The Hunger Games trilogy, by Susan Collins

Resource Selection

My RA course asked me to select two resources to use for the program from their lists of general resources and genre-specific resources.

From the list of general resources, I chose NPR Books - mostly because I felt that choosing Goodreads was something of a cheat since I already had an account there. (I do realize that I don't make nearly enough use of it, and that's something I'm also trying to rectify.) I also made that selection because of NPR's general reputation of being thorough and thoughtful, and can't imagine their Books section being different from that.

being more bookish.

My new place of work has developed a nine-week training course for readers' advisory. Part of this assignment involves creating a blog and posting to it, and I just happen to have this library-themed blog created and hosted, sitting empty waiting for inspiration.