Book Resources, part the second.

My readers advisory training asks lots of questions this week.

1. What useful information have you learned from the resource that you have been monitoring since week one?

I've learned a few things from visiting the Street Fiction website. Chiefly, I've learned that the concept of "urban fiction" encompasses a much broader spectrum of storytelling and plot than I had understood previously. There is street fiction, but also urban Christian fiction, urban teen fiction, urban fantasy, urban poetry ... if I wish to have a better understanding of the genre, as I do, I have a LOT of work ahead of me.

Which leads to the second biggest thing I've discovered. So many of these works are published either independently or by small publishers. I went to see if I could borrow some of the works I discovered on Street Fiction, only to discover that it wasn't available from my own library system, nor was it even listed in WorldCat. It got me wondering about representation and diversity at the major publishers - I have some investigating to do.

I wonder if the small publishers will have some sort of presence at ALA Midwinter. Better plan to spend some time in the exhibit hall.