Week 9: Book Trailers

I have come to the end of my bookish training. This week, the training focused on book trailers.

My opinion on book trailers is lukewarm, mostly. They're not really the type of online video to go viral, so as a marketing tool, I can't imagine they're making a huge difference in the sales numbers. But I can appreciate the artistry in a well-crafted book trailer - see this link to an article about the trailer for Brian Selznick's latest, "The Marvels". And there are some trailers out there that could be two-minute slices of a motion picture - but it leads me to wonder how expensive this particular marketing tool was to produce, and how effective it was in bringing in new readers. And as far as a tool in readers' advisory, if the trailer provides some blurbs about the content of the book, it could be helpful - but the cinematic content of a book trailer does not necessarily reflect the pacing, the characterization, or anything else about the text itself.