Part Two of the Part Two - more about EarlyWord.

2. What EarlyWord resources are new discoveries for you? What do you think you will continue to use?

I was amazed, when I first started looking at EarlyWord two or three weeks ago, to discover that the publishing houses were advertising their "book buzz" Midwinter Meeting preview events on the website. Thanks to that, I was able to sign up for those events, and learned so much about what's going to be published in the next five months.

Now that Midwinter is behind me, I've found the Categories list particularly helpful - to be able to sort through the EarlyWord posts for a specific category or genre of book, or to look at display ideas.

3. One of Amazon's picks of the month for February is A Spool of Blue Thread, by Anne Tyler - her 20th novel in a literary career that has spanned a half-century.

This is a poignant story of family spread over four generations spent in one house in Baltimore, with rich language and compelling characters. Heartwarming and engaging, this book may be compared with Our Frail Blood by Peter Nathaniel Malae, After This by Alice MacDermott, and Restoring Grace by Katie Fforde.